The founder of the Russian military theory

Fighting not by number but with skill

One minute decides the outcome of a battle, one hour – the success of a campaign, one day – the fate of an empire.*

Without virtue, there is neither glory, nor honour

The more conveniences, the less courage.

It is better to meet danger halfway than wait for it in situ.

Money is precious, human life is even more so, but the most precious thing is time.

While moving forward, you should know how to return.

Whoever is good in the first role, is not fit for the second.

Theory is dead without practice.

A war is over only when its last soldier is buried.

Hit the enemy without sparing either him or yourself; a victory is won by he who spares himself the less.

Where a deer will pass, so will a Russian soldier; where a deer will not pass, a Russian soldier will pass no matter what.

Idleness is the mother of boredom and many vices.

Paltry rules and pathetic delicacies should not have access to your heart. Duplicity is alien to great men: they despise all ignominies.

No matter how hard it is for you, never despair and hold on as long as you have strength to do so.

Easy victories do not please the Russian heart.

Since your young years, learn how to forgive your neighbour’s offenses but never forgive your own.

* Based on the pronouncements by the focal point of this section