Peter I

Tsar of All Russia and the first Russian Emperor

Peace is good, but for all that it behooves not to slumber

I order that at assemblies and government offices Messrs. Senators should only speak in their own words rather than read what is written for them so that everyone see their folly.

Laws and orders should be written clearly to avoid their reinterpretations.

Peace is good, but for all that it behooves not to slumber so that our hands are not tied and for soldiers to avoid turning into women.

I anticipate that one day or maybe even in our lifetime Russians will put to shame the most enlightened nations by their successes in sciences, indefatigability in work and the greatness of their firm and loud fame.

The evil cannot fly making no noise.

When a ruler obeys the law, no one will dare to oppose him.

If there is a wish, there are thousands of ways; if there is no wish, there are thousands of pretexts!

An open enemy is better than a vile flatterer and hypocrite; this sort of creature is a source of ugliness for mankind.

Partake of foods moderately so that your heavy belly does not get in the way when you dance. However, drink as much wine as you wish and for as long as your legs support you, and if these give way under you, take a seat and continue drinking sitting down. However, wine should not be served to a prostrate man as he could choke, not even if he begs to be served…

* Based on the pronouncements by the focal point of this section and on Russian historical studies